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A look at HCG injections

What is HCG?

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is mostly produced during pregnancy, but also aids in ovulation and fertility.  In women, this hormone helps eggs develop within the ovaries and also stimulates their release during ovulation.  In men, this hormone helps to increase sperm count.  In the past, HCG has mostly been used to promote ovulation in women and to treat infertility, as well as adjusting for some problems that may occur during puberty, such as in boys when their testicles do not properly drop down into their scrotums.

With so many chemical weight loss concoctions on the market today, more and more consumers are looking for natural, healthier ways shed off those extra unwanted pounds. HCG may help. 

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Additional Information on HCG

HCG injections are very high risk, but promise a very high reward.  Some doctors believe that the reward is not nearly as high as these claims suggest.  HCG injections were tested against using a placebo, and the results have shown no evidence that HCG injections improved weight loss potential in the subjects.Doctor with clipboard

HCG is a hormone that, by nature, regulates the development of a fetus.  Its ability to assist in weight loss is a side effect of the way in which it influences the body while performing its natural function.  As with any hormone, HCG will impact the levels of all other hormones in your body, and could potentially lead to other symptoms caused by an imbalance of other hormones.

HCG should never be used without professional supervision.  If you do purchase HCG, make sure that it comes from a certified source.  Some sellers try to pass off cheap injections while claiming it is HCG, but these injections could potentially be dangerous to use.