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Physician Program Benefits

Physician DoctorAmino Pharmaceuticals Physician Progam Benefits

The Amino Pharmaceuticals Physician Program is eager to offer the supplies and materials you need for your patients and staff. 

Proud to deliver top quality products at affordable prices, our Physician Program offers shot programs, diet plans, and medical supplies to fulfill your patients’ needs. 

All of our products are put through strict tests to ensure both quality and safety, and we use our extensive experience to create some of the best products on the market.  We oversee the creation and shipment of all of our products – doing everything we can to keep costs low without sacrificing quality.

We can even help you get the word out about your practice through our marketing materials and support, and provide materials needed to help train your staff and new physicians*. 

With years of experience in selling nutritional supplements, shot packages, and numerous other health care procedures, Amino Pharmaceuticals knows what it takes to get the word out – we offer custom marketing strategies and techniques to help you reach out and find new patients.

We’re selling B12 Methylcobalamin and Cyanocobalamin, and AminoSlim at bulk, whole-sale pricing.

*Coming soon!

Our program is consistently growing with new packages and features included every month. Signing up to become a physician on the website is -free- and grants you full access to view all packages and products we have to offer.

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Strict Standards

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At Amino Pharmaceuticals, we take pride in the strict guidelines and procedures used to create our products.  We keep a critical eye on every single product we make from the moment it is created, ensuring that it meets our standards for quality and safety.  Every one of our products is tested multiple times to ensure sterility and PH stability, and making sure they are free of mold, fungi, bacteria, and any other unwanted material.  We take every step possible to provide products that are as safe as they are powerful.

High Quality

medical supplies

Quality and safety are our biggest concerns at Amino Pharmaceuticals.  We extensively test all of our products and only use the finest ingredients when making them.  If even one ingredient isn’t up to our standards, then it isn’t good enough for you, either.  We pride ourselves on providing the best products and materials possible, and we will never sacrifice the quality of our product.

Years of Experience

Doctors Only

Amino Pharmaceuticals has always sought out the best physicians from across the country, and we have years of experience under our belt in providing quality products, services, and health care to our own patients.  We use our experience to create the best products, and find a way to do it at affordable prices – taking every step along the way we can to ensure that our costs stay low without having to lose even a fraction of quality.