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Currently, our vitamin injections are only available to Physicians who are signed up with our Physician Program. If you’re a patient and want our vitamin injections, please consult with your physician and tell them about Amino Pharmaceuticals and our physician program.

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 Taurine energizes your muscles and increases cell volume. Taurine also has a large impact on your heart.   Having sufficient levels can improve your aerobic capacity significantly and noticeably improve your stamina.  By improving the heart’s ability to function, taurine not only increases aerobic potential, but also reduces the necessary time to recover after an intense aerobic workout.

Potential Benefits of Taurine

  • Better cardiac functionality
  • Increased stamina
  • Decreased risk and severity of oxidative stress
  • Improved heart health
  • Reduced frequency of muscle cramps
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Amino Pharmaceuticals offers all premium vitamin injections through our Physician Program.

If you're a patient, please tell your physician about Amino Pharmaceuticals and our Physician Program. Our physician program allows all physicians to buy our vitamin injections for their own clinic.

If you're a physician, sign up today to buy all our vitamin injections in bulk offering.